The Challenge

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) supervises a number of business processes in Poland. Its main goal is to counteract anti-competitive agreements between companies. The Office also protects consumers' interests and monitors public funding.

UOKiK's main need was to create a modern and safe web portal with aggregated information on the proceedings undertaken against 27 banks that offered Swiss franc mortgages. It was also crucial to the client to offer consumers a quick method of reporting to UOKiK forbidden market practices of banks granting such mortgages. The reporting system was to be connected with a tool for newsletter creation and e-mailing.

The website had to be easy to use and come together with a modern content management system compliant with security requirements and RWD/WCAG standards.

The Solution

The development of a web portal was based on an intuitive design in line with UX and UI standards. Graphic design conforms to all legal requirements for websites. The portal uses the latest RWD technologies. All forms are straightforward, easy and intuitive to use.

Squiz Matrix content management system has been implemented, and this has significantly simplified the process of content creation, publication and edition.

After some time, the portal was expanded to include a module for the management and viewing of unit-linked insurance policies.

The final result was a creation of a home page (a landing page), which directs selected target groups to relevant content (mortgages or insurance policies). The website has also been expanded to include an advanced search engine and a newsletter, which increased its marketing value.

The Result

The new website went live on 27 April 2015 in accordance with client's requirements and needs.

Website communication has been simplified and made more intuitive. Content has been clearly divided and better suited to visitor target groups.

Displayed materials are clearer and their edition and updates have become quicker.

Content and its structure have been adjusted to responsiveness (RWD) and accessibility (WCAG 2.0 / UX) standards.

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