The Story

The Royal Parks is responsible for managing and preserving over 5,000 acres of historic parkland and areas of special interest for wildlife habitats across London.

They first partnered with Squiz in 2011, when they adopted Squiz CMS (the leaner version of Squiz Matrix CMS), but more recently worked with Squiz when it came time for a website refresh and a CMS upgrade.

To me, digital/business transformation is the process of understanding a business (processes/products/people) and the needs of its users and building a digital solution that makes it clearer, simpler and faster to use.
Robin Bilney
Digital Communications Manager, The Royal Parks

The Challenge

The previous website design was introduced in 2011 when The Royal Parks first moved to Squiz CMS. It was a simple redesign that gave the site a unified look and feel.

However, over time it was felt the previous design didn’t fully showcase the beauty of the parks, so The Royal Parks decided to bring their old website onto Squiz Matrix CMS and inline with a wider brand refresh.


A key part of the project would be to improve the accessibility of the website by ensuring it’s optimised for mobile, so The Royal Parks’ customers get the best experience possible, no matter the device that they use to access it.

The Solution

First up, like all great projects, came user research led by Robin Bilney – the Digital Communications Manager at The Royal Parks. He surveyed user satisfaction levels and also staff at The Royal Parks in order to better understand how the website could help both parties.

Using these insights, as well as the internal goals, 4 key project milestones were decided:

  1. Initial designs that fit with The Royal Parks’ new brand guidelines
  2. Produce over 120 pages of new content
  3. Development stages in-line with the defined specification
  4. Successful launch of the new website

Squiz worked closely with The Royal Parks to turn a flat PSD design into full HTML page templates. With a new template in place, Squiz began migrating content from the old CMS to build up the look and feel of the new site on Squiz Matrix CMS. We also used the functional specification to build enhanced features that included event calendars and map integration to increase functionality.

As ensuring ease of access was important, much work was done to make user journeys as simple and engaging as possible, no matter the device. The first step in creating this new responsive design was to make sure that only the necessary pages, images and documents came with the site, before ensuring that the new pages were technically capable of delivering the responsive design.

The Results

More contributors

More staff are trained on Edit+ than ever before and it’s now easy for people throughout the organisation to create/edit pages themselves.

Application processes

Visitors on the website are now able to apply for a license online, this is processed quickly by The Royal Parks’ team in a dedicated area of the website.

Empowered to change

The redeveloped site makes future changes easier – something soon to happen with increased integration of the The Royal Parks Foundation.

Increase in satisfaction levels
Increase in mobile views

The Technology

Squiz Matrix is infinitely flexible, easy-to-use, and possesses best-in-breed functionality. Coupling it with and hosting it in Squiz’s ultra-secure Squiz Cloud ensures that you not only have a great website, but you can be certain of that it’s there for your users when they need it.

The Services

Squiz can work with your organisation and staff to help implement the solution that’s right for you, supporting, as well as leading, different elements of any project to ensure that you meet your project’s goals.

Download The Royal Parks case study
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