The Challenge

The university’s main problem was a lack of ability to develop the website. Updating and maintenance was difficult and time consuming. The old website structure was deeply nested and management required modifying source code. The web portal also needed improving as it did not meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements, neither was it responsive and didn’t display across all devices.

The Solution

Squiz Poland has offered an innovative and modern design based on UX standards. The website has been designed based on cutting edge RWD technology whilst also complying with all legal requirements for Internet websites.

The information architecture has been optimised and designed from scratch to meet the users’ needs. As a result, the main menu has become more accessible.

The new CMS has been based on the state-of-the-art Matrix Enterprise system. It enabled Squiz to simplify the process of adding and modifying page elements. Each department and key subpages (e.g. Career Office, International Co-operation) received their own dedicated website for content management.

The Result

The new site went live on November 25 2014 in accordance with all the client’s requirements. Content has been made responsive and compliant with all RWD and WCAG 2.0 requirements.

Navigation was simplified and users can now find the information they are searching for quicker and easier than ever before. These changes have increased conversions and the number of candidates in the university’s recruitment system has grown.

The changes also resulted in the number of mobile users increasing, so too did the average length of session time.

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