The Story

Vision Australia is a not-for-profit organisation and a major partner in the international blindness community.

As a national leader in blindness and low vision services in Australia, they support more than 27,500 people of all ages. Vision Australia partnered with Squiz to develop and implement a highly accessible intranet that drove collaboration, and enabled staff to deliver better and more targeted customer experiences based on real-time information sharing.

Squiz’s system was so intuitive and familiar to those who use consumer websites and know social media platforms that it required little-to-no training at all.
John Smith
CEO, Vision Australia

The Challenge

Vision Australia saw the need to replace their outdated technologies and adopt new ways to improve collaboration. A sophisticated and modern intranet was needed in order to meet the specific accessibility requirements of their organisation, as well as increase productivity and referrals to their business services.

The vision

Vision Australia wanted to overhaul their existing intranet system and build one from the ground up that was interactive, accessible, and attractive. They wanted to build an intranet that acted both as a social platform for collaboration and information sharing, as well as an information and document repository.

The Solution

Squiz’s technical team used the latest accessibility techniques and technology to custom build an intranet that would benefit all Vision Australia staff company-wide, and enable them to deliver higher value customer services. Squiz designed a system that would increase collaboration both professionally and socially, while also being extremely accessible, taking into consideration the 15% of Vision Australia staff who are vision-impaired.

Accessible & Digitally Savvy

The new intranet platform was made to be uniquely accessible, so all employees could have equal access to information and functionality.

Internal Collaboration

With single sign-on across multiple platforms, sharing information between teams is now as simple as posting to social media.

Social Functionality

The intranet integrated features such as tagging and liking posts, as well as video and photo sharing. Vision Australia staff can also create groups for both professional and social purposes. Within the first two weeks, 20 groups were created, including groups for footy tipping competitions.

Accessible Design

Through our long history of creating user-centred design, Squiz had the experience necessary to build a system that is extremely accessible for the visually impaired.

The Results

Vision Australia’s staff have been extremely receptive to this dynamic change in internal communication and collaboration. This has also reflected in their ability to deliver higher value customer service, by leveraging information from across departments and being able to tap into the entire company’s knowledge pool in real-time – whether they’re visiting a client in the field, or working on a project in the office.

  1. Purpose-built intranet system accessible by all staff, anytime, anywhere, and on any platform
  2. Increased collaboration and productivity
  3. Ultra-accessible and user-friendly design

The Technology

Squiz custom-built a content management system based on Squiz Matrix, specifically designed to improve interactivity and internal collaboration.

The Services

Squiz can work with your organisation and staff to help implement the solution that’s right for you, supporting, as well as leading, different elements of any project to ensure that you meet your project’s goals.

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