The Challenge

WorkSafe Victoria provides services and training to Victorian business on keeping the workplace free of risk, injury and disease. To help fund this process they collect revenue online from all Victorian businesses. After 10 years on an internally-hosted website environment WorkSafe Victoria were looking to make a change that would hand them the reins and give them unprecedented flexibility within their online environment.

Richard Barker, Online Marketing Manager, was asked to drive the project. He told us, 'The existing online platform and the technology were hard to update. It was expensive to move to new versions. As a result we were on old customised version, which was inline with internal IT policy. It wasn't possible to deliver a more interactive and personalised user experience which is where we want to be.'

The legacy online platform was experiencing frequent outages during periods of heavy usage and average page load times were sometimes up to 10 seconds. Richard explains further, 'There are approximately 250,000 companies in Victoria. We collect a premium from them and organisations are required to log their statements online with us. This creates massive traffic during peak periods lasting three to four weeks. The ability to control the scalability of the site during these peaks needed to be in the hands of marketing. The cloud provided a clear benefit in managing customer satisfaction and revenue collection during this process.'

Speed to market with new online functionality was hampered by the internally hosted legacy platform. The software vendor and the implementation partner were separate organisations, which contributed to a complex system that was difficult to work with. Changes and new functionality often required expensive external JavaScript consultants and lengthy development time.

'We wanted to be fleet of foot. We could change content but anything more took a long time. Search is critical with over 1600 documents in PDF. We had many complaints that users were dissatisfied with their ability to find the right information quickly,' Richard continues.

These performance issues brought clear management support for the marketing team to look for a new cloud-based online platform to support their business goals.

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The Solution

With the online marketing team driving the strategy, WorkSafe chose Squiz to provide a single point of contact for the entire website project, giving the marketing team more visibility and control over the implementation. Squiz combined services, implementation, cloud hosting, Funnelback site search and support - all on the Squiz-developed Matrix CMS platform.

The number of government organisations already using the Squiz Cloud allayed any security concerns that WorkSafe had, and Squiz's credentials were further supported by our presence in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Squiz and Worksafe developed a partnership so that Squiz could better understand the business. As a result, WorkSafe relied on Squiz to present to stakeholders at key moments during the process and provide advice on WorkSafe's long-term strategy.

The initial project involved migrating multiple sites of varying size to the Squiz Matrix web platform. The migration and implementation took 14 weeks and was led by Squiz project management, with the Squiz development team working closely alongside WorkSafe developers.

WorkSafe already used site search from Funnelback (a Squiz company), which helps customers find information on health and safety across their sites. Integrating search with their old system was complex and that project had taken 4-5 months to set up. Integrating with Matrix only took one week!

The Result

Key benefits

  • Customer satisfaction and time to collect revenue online improved.
  • Time to market and cost of new online functionality reduced.
  • Online brand consistency improved.

Key online improvements:

  • Page speeds improved from over seven seconds load time to an average of one second.
  • Online events registration system brought in house and on brand.
  • Customer satisfaction and time to collect revenue online improved.
  • Cloud uptime guaranteed at 99.9% to handle peak periods.
  • New online applications built out of the box in record time.
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