Global analyst Ovum names Squiz the market leader in their 2014-2015 Decision Matrix.

It's not every day that one of the world's top technology analysts calls you a 'Market Leader'.

That's why we're pleased as punch to have been called just that in Ovum's Decision Matrix 2014-2015: Selecting a Web Content Management Solution.

Ovum, a global firm that specialises in IT and technology market analysis, conducted thorough research through hundreds of interviews with business and technology decision makers, as well as careful examination of each product.

"Squiz comes out on top in terms of technology, which demonstrates that an open source vendor can compete on equal terms with large multiple-product vendors when it comes to functionality."

Their report provides a bird's eye view of the content management marketplace, ranking products in multiple categories such as core features, analytics, mobile capability, social media and digital asset management. If that's not comprehensive, we don't know what is.

They had some pretty lovely things to say about Squiz, so we're going to throw all modesty aside and pull out our favourite tid-bits:

"With its connectors, Squiz is ideal as a best-of-breed WCM in an ECM implementation – Squiz Connect provides a range of proven third-party connectors and access to strategic partner-developed capabilities integrated with Squiz Suite's core WCM."

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