Squiz Summit 2017

For almost 20 years Squiz has been working in partnership with our clients to build solutions that transform the way business is done. Combining our powerful technology stack with an ever-growing drive for transformation has resulted in game-changing digital experiences, that automate and connect like never before.

Working in partnership with our clients is really what makes all the difference and it was this ethos that powered this years Squiz Summit. With talks on AI, Matrix, Funnelback and GDPR (and so much more), it really was a fantastic day full of extraordinary digital potential.

From Edinburgh and London, thank you to every single client who attended and contributed to making it a great summit!


  • Highlights of Squiz Summit 2017

  • Neil Davis - Welcome to Squiz Summit 2017

  • Adam Frank - Projects: A Self Fulfilling Prophecy

  • Josh Somma - How to Actually Start Using AI

  • Emma Hartley, Sam Marks & Arkadiusz Chatys  - Case Study: ‘Your Vote Matters’ 

  • Steph Bradley - Data Laws and Privacy by Design

  • Paul Farrell - Moving Beyond The Basics In Funnelback Search

  • Dominic Patmore - How to be a Learning Organisation

  • Dave Letorey - The New, the Cool and the Exciting: A Squiz Matrix Update

  • Esther Berry - A Millennials Tale: How Technology Makes You a Better Human

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