A large chunk of today’s workers don’t remember a time without internet and have grown accustomed to everything being intuitive, instant, one-click, easy-access and on-demand. Despite this, many workplace tools and platforms fail to deliver the desired user experience.

  • 30th January 2018
  • 3PM - 3:30PM GMT
  • Webinar

The modern workforce is a complex mixture of millennials, Gen Xers and (to a lesser extent) baby-boomers and Gen Zers.

Modern workers are surrounded by extremely efficient, intuitive and primarily digital interactions (think Uber, WhatsApp, Tinder, Deliveroo, Chatbots etc.) meaning the traditional work experiences are jarring to their expectations.

Time is wasted. Automation is rare. Experiences are frustrating.  In this landscape, it is employee engagement and top talent that is at risk.

This webinar will explore, in detail, the future of the workplace and the ever-evolving employee and their needs. It will also look at technology and how it can be seen both as a driver and a solution for change, as well as the impact that GDPR and other barriers might have and how to overcome them.


Toby Margetts
‎Digital Strategy Consultant

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