Squiz Live Learning

Squiz Live Learning

Squiz Live Learning brings training direct to you, by allowing you to join a class without the need for travel.

What is Squiz Live Learning?

Squiz Live Learning is a live, instructor-led class, which you access from your computer no matter where you are.

Similar to a classroom, your instructor will take you through a series of lectures and demonstrations, before accessing the Squiz lab where you’ll complete activities to gain practical, hands-on experience.

At all times, your instructor is available to answer questions, provide guidance and give feedback.

What do I need to join a Squiz Live Learning class?

All you need to join a Squiz Live Learning class is:

  • A computer with a broadband Internet connection and a supported browser.
  • A comfortable, quiet space where you can listen and talk freely without disturbing others.
  • A headset with a microphone attached to your computer.

How it works

Squiz uses GoToTraining webinar technology to support our Squiz Live Learning classes.

You can test your computer set up and Internet connection by going to the GotoTraining test page and following the instructions.

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