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Getting started

A successful transition from current state requires vision, strategy, and a detailed, tactical roll-out plan.

Squiz’s Communication Strategy Packages will set you up for success.

Discovery Pack - $5,000

A one-day workshop to identify how an automation platform could benefit you.

  • Identify active communications campaigns and channels.
  • Understand the performance of these activities (benchmark performance).
  • Proving value - what measures are important to your stakeholders? How do you currently report on these?
  • Identify stakeholders - who outside the team contributes to the communication strategy?
  • How could automation streamline/enhance/improve current activity?
  • Campaign ideas, brainstorming session - what campaigns could you run if you had access to alternative technology?

Core Pack - $20,000

Understand what is required for your department to become “automation ready”.

  • Through a combination of research and workshops, Squiz will document:
    • communications vision - as articulated by senior stakeholders – understand the problems to be solved and high level benefits to be realised
    • situational analysis - description of the current marketing landscape, tech platforms currently in place, marketing strategy, processes, pain points, challenges
    • State of Affairs analysis - understand the strategic goals of the department.
  • We will make recommendations on what is required in each of the following areas for the business to become “automation ready”:
    • technology
    • people
    • processes
    • data.
  • You will get a FY20 kick-off communications guide and campaign workbook.

Managed Pack - $50,000

(includes all Core Pack activities plus)

Understand and prioritise who you will communicate with, what you will automate, through which channels, and document how this fits with (compliments/replaces) activity in your current communications programme.

  • Through a combination of research and workshops, Squiz will work with you to develop or enhance:
    • target personas (number of personas included TBA)
    • communication grids for target personas - including ATL and BTL activities
    • preference/subscription management (develop an understanding of what is required)
    • measures of success.
  • We will design two simple campaigns based on the outcome of the communications grid workshop.

Comprehensive Pack - $100,000

(includes all Core Pack and Managed Pack activities plus)

Develop a 12 month plan for automating communication within your department.

Through a combination of research and workshops, Squiz will work with you to develop a:

  • tactical implementation and data management plan
  • plan to up skill and enable your communications team
  • scalable set of recommendations for future applications of the technology across additional areas of the business.

To find out more about our Communication Strategy Packages, submit your details below and your Account Manager will be in touch.

EOFY offer: A 10% discount applies to packages signed off before 30 June 2019. From July 2019 onwards, packages will be costed as per the prices stated above.

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