Squiz empowers higher education institutions to realize more meaningful engagement between the colleges and universities and their students.

Higher education is in a state of flux, and a number of factors are driving widespread change in colleges and universities across the US and worldwide.

Among the challenges that higher education institutions are facing include:

  • student expectations, market competition, budget constraints, skills shortages, and success criteria are all changing at lightning-fast speed
  • colleges and universities are competing for students’ attention and engagement, not just with other campus services, but also with Facebook, Snapchat, Netflix and more
  • schools are struggling to maintain relationships and engender support from their alumni
  • most schools are ill-equipped from a technology standpoint to deliver the kind of student experiences that lead to meaningful engagement

Ultimately, the challenge is figuring out how your college can best use technology to thrive.

This is where Squiz comes in.
Squiz works with more than 80 of the world’s leading higher education institutions, empowering them to achieve more meaningful digital engagement between their school and their constituents – their students. Squiz’s digital experience platform (DXP) provides recruitment, student success and retention, and advancement solutions to colleges and universities using the power of an integrated content management, search, and CRM platform combined with leading consultancy and delivery services.

Competition for the best students among top universities is intensifying, and newer higher-education institutions are having to fight to differentiate themselves from the competition. Higher education institutions must innovate to deliver personal digital experiences that will drive recruitment and nurture lifelong relationships.

Success and retention
Colleges and universities must identify the problems they have in their service delivery and find a way to demonstrate digitally all the great things that happen on campus and support their students to succeed. Engagement that meets individual needs throughout their coursework reduces dropout rates and increases lifetime student value.

To increase the feeling of connectedness after graduation, ongoing alumni engagement is key for colleges and universities. This can take many forms -- from sports teams and athletic programs to school reunions, networking opportunities and social events. Providing the means for this ongoing engagement builds relationships that last a lifetime and ensures alumni favorably promote and support your brand.

As a thought leader in the higher education sphere, Squiz understands the challenges you face, and we have the expertise to help you meet them.

Squiz can help your college or university tackle today’s higher-education challenges, differentiate itself, and get started on the road to meaningful lifelong engagement you’re your students. Our platform works with your systems to empower you to deliver a winning recruitment, success and advancement program. With our technology products and solutions, consulting services, and design and user experience expertise, both you and your students will be set up for success.

Our tools and services include:

Fordham University

“Excellent work with extreme professionalism. Hands down the best vendor/client relationship I’ve known the university to have.” – Shannon Ortiz, IT Director, Fordham University

Xavier University

An innovative university leading the pack with a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that delivers advanced digital services across the entire student journey

University of Notre Dame Australia

Creating a seamless experience for 12,000 students across three campuses, aiming to increase recruitment, retention and advocacy across the student lifecycle

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