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Introducing SugarCRM

SugarCRM is an intuitive platform which makes it simple to manage all customer interactions and information so that you can provide an outstanding experience.

With SugarCRM you can automate customer support, sales and business processes, enable your teams and customers to self serve information and measure and optimise every interaction to ensure you are delivering the very best for your customers.

Benefits for your organisation

Automate business processes

Set up processes using a drag-and-drop visual designer. It’s quick and easy to design and deploy even the most sophisticated processes with functionality that support complex decision cycles, monitoring tools and notification system for urgent actions.

Manage projects and tasks

Track project activity and dependencies, link information, see upcoming tasks, open cases, schedule meetings, send emails and make calls – all from within your CRM.

Share knowledge and information

Share knowledge and information to help internal and external audiences self serve by publishing and connecting information from around the business.

Explore features

Customer journeys

Visually map your customer journeys and link touchpoints to specific people, teams, actions and resources in your business.

Customer data and profiling

Integrate contact information from all your systems and sources into one, and easily pull in data from the web and social channels to give you even richer profiling power.

Campaign management

Plan, develop, execute, manage and monitor your campaigns across email and social channels and follow them all the way through the sales process.

Sales automation

Reduce administrative burden by automating sales prompts and alerts to maintain momentum and deliver supporting information along the way.

Lead management

Identify your hottest leads, qualify them and hand off to sales. Route leads to salespeople based on criteria like territory, team and expertise and track progress all the way through the pipeline. Decide what information you see, and what alerts you get along the way.

Case management and customer service

Make sure enquiries are handled by the right people in the best way. Sett up case routing that accounts for agent expertise and workload, prioritise case types and set escalation paths and automate processes and alerts to help you manage and meet service levels.

Dashboards and analytics

Gauge customer satisfaction by monitoring customer requests and time-to-response. Create your own reports, monitor stages and trends and improve forecasting with highly customisable sales dashboards.


Access all the data from your CRM online or offline, in a user interface designed for small screens and finger-based controls. You can also build custom mobile applications specifically for your business and its processes.

Social collaboration

Using Sugar's activity stream, your team can connect and follow each other, control which posts and updates they see, and collaborate across the business.

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