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What is Squiz Cloud?

Squiz Cloud is a complete hosting service, built to power all your digital experiences and take work off your hands.

With Squiz Cloud you gain gigabit-level network connectivity, carrier-grade hardware, DDOS mitigation and 24/7 support, guaranteeing unrivalled uptime, security and delivery.

Benefits for your organisation

Unrivalled data security

Secure data delivered using best-practice security standards, so you know you’re compliant.

99.99% uptime

Stay connected and contain issues with a fully redundant system backed by 24/7 local support.

Designed to scale

Scale up fast when you need more network capacity, and dial down to only pay for what you need.

Explore features

Huge bandwidth

Gigabit-level network connectivity delivered by our high speed network.

High performance CPUs

The best support for Squiz solutions, Squiz Cloud VMs run on arrays of high capacity hardware, including Intel Xeon-based virtual CPUs.

Fast data

Faster storage systems delivered by high speed SSD and NVMe hardware, and custom disk management software.

Dedicated RAM

Security and privacy come first with every Squiz Cloud VM running dedicated memory space on customer production servers.

ISO 27001 compliance and certification

ISO 27001:2013 compliant systems and external security audits.

Secure online payments

Build your data security profile with credit card processing using PCI DSS v3 compliant hosting.

Expert support

Our industry, security and Squiz domain expertise is cutting edge – and so are our systems.

Deep defence

Protecting your data with border, network and host level security measures.

Global data centres

Our global data centres are ISO27001 certified with 24/7 security and CCTV, ID card and/or biometric authentication, redundant power, advanced cooling and fire suppression systems and dedicated, locked equipment cabinets

Automatic DDoS detection

Detect attacks in less than 5 seconds, and respond in under 90 seconds, with high capacity DDoS mitigation services with automatic DDoS detection.

Automatic healing

Automate responses to power, network, server or storage failures powered by Squiz Cloud infrastructure redundant by design.

Continuous backups

Protect your data, even if there’s a natural disaster, with continuous replication backups sent to a remote location. And with Squiz Edge, your live data is replicated too.

Multiple connections

Avoid internet connection issues with data centres with multiple connection options. If there’s a problem, there’s an automatic switch to another upstream carrier.

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