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DXP Datastore is a cloud-based data storage platform that allows you to collect a lifetime of customer data, deliver personalised customer experiences, understand your customer journey and rapidly innovate your suite of digital services.

With DXP Datastore, you gain a purpose-built JavaScript software development kit (SDK) and fully-managed developer service that simplifies the build and deployment of fast database microservices and rapidly decreases the time it takes to deliver incredible customer experiences.

Why you need DXP Datastore to power your site personalisation

Deliver fast digital experiences

DXP Datastore powers a super fast customer experience with RESTful NoSQL microservices that are perfectly designed to fit the exact needs of your app.

Create personalised customer experiences

Create a unique experience for every individual user by collecting and storing all types of customer data and using it to deliver different content, layouts and styles.

Implement and optimise with ease

Rapidly implement and optimise your customer experience with the ability for marketing technologists to push their changes directly into our serverless cloud from their local tools of choice.

Powerful features to deliver unique experiences, fast

Fast development

Get the team building experiences in a consistent way. Use the out-of-the-box JavaScript SDK functions to speed up authentication, filtering, sorting, and pagination.

Automatic database building

Use no-code files to design data services to meet the needs of the application. Send files to our cloud and receive a simple database microservice that can be plugged into any web page.

Personalised experiences

Designed customer experiences just for them, by storing and surfacing customer information at speed and optimising the layout, style, and content as they use it.

Flexible data types

Build reports, progress bars, decision sliders, responsive lists, forms and entire PWAs by collecting and storing strings, numbers, dates, booleans, and arrays.

Understand your customer journeys

Unearth your customer interactions to understand how to best engage, motivate and convert them by surfacing information from across data collections into custom reporting views.

Enterprise security and data validation

Ensure data quality and protection with JSON Schema validation and sophisticated ACL logic to define access boundaries.

Fast innovation

Innovate faster by being able to build, test, and deploy from your local machine. Work with a simulated version of your database, enable decentralised code, use your preferred IDE and our CLI helpers to push to prod.

Automatic scaling

Rapidly make changes, upgrade and scale the customer experience with the ability for marketing technologists to push their changes directly into our serverless cloud from their local tools of choice.

Fully managed SAAS

Reduce your dependency on IT teams, empower your marketing technologists, reduce upfront costs and never worry about scheduling upgrades or scaling your digital experiences as you grow.

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