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Squiz Plus Tools

As a Squiz Plus Customer hosted within the Squiz Cloud the Customer will have access to the following Squiz Plus Tools:

Squiz Transform

Squiz Transform is Squiz's scripted site migration package.

Squiz Transform allows for the movement of large amounts of existing content, including web pages and binary files (PDFs, Word Docs, Images, Video files, etc.), into Squiz Matrix efficiently and cost effectively.

It solves the following problems:

  • Removes the mundane task of "copying & pasting" content into Squiz Matrix.
  • Like-for-like Migration: Moves large amounts of existing content into Squiz Matrix.
  • Targeted Migration: Particular content can be targeted and moved into Squiz Matrix in a new structure (Information Architecture).

Squiz Mirror

Squiz Mirror is a system that allows Assets to be copied back and forth between multiple Squiz Matrix systems preserving their Asset IDs.

It can be used for the following:

  • Preferred Development Life Cycle
  • Scaffold / Template Systems
  • Preserve Form Submissions during Upgrades
  • Multi-Publishing

Squiz Refresh

Squiz Refresh allows for the automation of copying, moving, configuring and upgrading Squiz Matrix systems.

It can be used for the following:

  • Automating the creation of UAT systems at upgrade time
  • Creating
  • Creating sandpit/development systems with Production data as required

Squiz Scaffold

Squiz Scaffold has been created with the following goals:

  • Delivering re-usable implementation solutions to common requirements.
  • Increasing production and support profitability by reducing time spent in all areas of defining a solution including investigation, documentation, coding and configuration.
  • Increased consistency between implementation methods.
  • Offering clients warrant-able solutions.
  • Better reporting on implemented functionality.

Squiz Squish

Squish is a command-line tool for Squiz Matrix. The aim of Squish is to streamline common tasks when implementing a website in Squiz Matrix, allowing an Implementer to avoid using the web user interface.

It allows an Implementer to do the following from the command-line:

  • Move assets
  • Create folders
  • Upload files
  • Replace files
  • Replace parse files
  • Create pages
  • Plus more

Version: 130809

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