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Pre packaged instructions and tools speed up your development by reducing the amount of code that needs to be written from scratch.


Breaking down services into individual functions mean you can be more agile and align work to sprints.


Open standards create consistency and enable automation so that your DXP can scale with your organization.

Key Features


Packaged open standards instructions define the type of incoming data. They reduce effort and increase the consistency of coding needed to deliver an up-to-date production URL that's ready for your website to query.

Flexible data modelling

Unifying data that has been created in different formats by systems across the organization, makes it easy for the CMS to access, understand and use a common data set to deliver personalized digital experiences.

Fast microservices

Datastore is composed of small, independent services that perform individual functions. They act individually but work together so that each service can be updated, deployed and scaled separately; speeding up development and time to market.

Javascript SDK

The JavaScript Software Development Kit contains the tools developers use to implement complex website features. It speeds up development by reducing the amount of code that has to be written from scratch.

Self serve from the CLI

Easily add, update, list, and rename blueprints in the Squiz Experience Cloud directly from your terminal, using friendly Command Line Interface commands, that mean you aren't reliant on DevOps for help.

Create and choreograph your digital services with an open DXP
Create one digital application ecosystem with flexible, pre-configured integrations.
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A web search platform that makes it easy to find exactly what you want.
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Create, manage and publish content across your digital channels from one place.
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Accelerating Your Digital Transformation Beyond COVID-19

2020 will be a year that few will forget. While the human impact of COVID-19 has varied significantly from one country to the next, the economic impact has been universal, with the global economy set to decline by 5.2% before the end of the year.

How to Enhance Your Customers’ Digital Experience Post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken things up for marketing teams and placed increased importance on delivering high-quality digital experiences.


Yes, Datastore is available as a SaaS product and is only hosted on the Squiz Experience Cloud. Unlike Squiz Matrix, Datastore is not offered via other hosting or on-premise options.

Yes, you can follow the Datastore developer tutorial to learn how to use all of Datastore's features (and test your blueprints locally) before uploading them into production.

If you have access to the Squiz Experience Cloud, then you can ask your customer success manager to activate Datastore for you. Once its activated, you will see a quick start guide that walks you through the process. Alternatively, have a chat with your friendly customer success manager who can arrange a demonstration.

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