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Powerful integrations

Connecting your existing systems to simplify your admin and student experience.

Reimagined platform

Designed with a modern interface to meet digital native expectations.

Reach in real time

Targeted notifications to reach students with relevant information.

Key features

Single Dashboard

Engage your student with a single dashboard connecting them to everything they need to succeed. The single dashboard enables students to customize their bookmarks, see their course information, personal schedule, upcoming assignments, total GPA, and degree progress without needing to click through to several sites.

Seamless integration

Connect with your existing SIS and LMS platforms to create a seamless student experience. Powered by the Squiz Connect digital integration platform, universities have the flexibility of choice and openness in technology to meet their needs, with no Edify vendor lock-ins.

Personalized notifications

Reach the right students with relevant communication using targeted filters and push notifications. Admins can cut through the noise of broadcast email announcements while students receive information that is relevant to their studies. Important notifications can be pinned by students to stay top of mind with a full notification history available at all times.

Create and choreograph your digital services with an open DXP
Store and serve customer data that delivers true personalization.
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Create one digital application ecosystem with flexible, pre-configured integrations.
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Create, manage and publish content across your digital channels from one place.
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A web search platform that makes it easy to find exactly what you want.
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Creating a connected campus: How to tackle student retention and bridge the experience gap

On-campus and online, studies have found the level of connection a student has with peers and faculty members can directly impact the likelihood of them completing their studies.

How COVID-19 Became the Catalyst for Overdue Transformation in Higher Education

When the first COVID-19 cases were confirmed in the US and restrictions forced colleges to close their doors, an estimated 14 million students across the country were left unable to physically attend classes. Overnight, institutions were faced with two options – cancel classes completely, or provide online solutions, fast.

How COVID-19 has accelerated the need for digital transformation within Higher Education

The spread of COVID-19 and subsequent campus lockdowns have forced universities across the US to assess their digital offerings to students. This has highlighted the need to accelerate needed digital transformation and added to existing challenges of reduced student retention within higher education.

Increasing student retention in higher education through digital engagement

Managing remote workers presents an entirely new set of challenges for organisations and goes well beyond simply providing workers with a laptop and scheduling regular online video conferences. In fact, isolation and inadequate IT present two of the biggest challenges for successful remote working.

Bridging the experience gap: why a seamless student experience is key to retention

The US higher education sector is in the midst of a dropout crisis. The overall dropout rate for undergraduate college students is 40%, with approximately 30% of college freshman dropping out before their sophomore year. It is the job of a university to proactively engage with their customers digitally as well as physically, providing guidance, support and encouragement across all of the touchpoints in the student journey.

Accelerating Your Digital Transformation Beyond COVID-19

2020 will be a year that few will forget. While the human impact of COVID-19 has varied significantly from one country to the next, the economic impact has been universal, with the global economy set to decline by 5.2% before the end of the year.


Edify has real-time integrations with leading LMS systems to ensure that every student can always access up-to-date and relevant course information. The product is also designed to ensure that the student experience in accessing this data is fast and seamless.

Course information cannot be changed in Edify, with your LMS remaining the source of truth for all course information.

Edify comes with a unique integration capability that enables fast and simple integration with your Student Information System, so whether you are using Ellucian, Workday, Peoplesoft or any other SIS, we can quickly connect to get your app up and running.

Data security and integrity is a top priority for Squiz Edify. Our infrastructure and our products all follow industry best practices for data security and integrity and we maintain a proactive risk management and security posture. Please reach out to us for full details or with any specific questions you may have.

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