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Get insights that matter

Get insights into what your students are finding (and not finding) on your site through analytics. Use content and SEO auditor to remove duplication and improve page rankings.

Enhance student experience

Boost student enrolment and experience by delivering timely, personalized content and courses. Flag accessibility failures against WCAG standard through our accessibility auditor.

Say goodbye to silos

Unite websites, departments, directories, social media, XML feeds, and more into a single search bar.

Key features

Find people, events and media

Students can find the right person to talk to such as contacts for enrolments, researchers or careers through customizable search result summaries. Augment search with results from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Include calendar events, set helpful reminders and reference to quick maps to recruit and engage students.

Compare, favorite and shortlist degrees

Attract prospects and students to the right degree. Showcase degrees through search, and provide easy comparisons via functionality like favoriting and shortlisting. See a significant return on investment by driving enrolment and superpower the student search experience.

The Concierge

A  multi-channel auto-complete system, The Concierge comes packaged with the Funnelback for Higher Education solution. By including data such as people, courses, research and events, you'll save users time and direct them to correct results.

Quick and secure search

Funnelback’s translucent search can provide both visibility and security of information for the user, regardless of whether it lives behind a firewall or not. Deliver information quickly without ever compromising on security.

Real-time insights to create a personalized student experience

With the Marketing Dashboard, develop and track sophisticated marketing efforts and tie your work to specific KPIs. Discover opportunities for engagement with intuitive built-in solutions to expose the right content at the right time.

Some of our customers

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Create and choreograph your student experience with an open DXP
Store and serve customer data that delivers true personalization.
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Create one digital application ecosystem with flexible, pre-configured integrations.
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Create, manage and publish content across your digital channels from one place.
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More solutions for Higher Education

Funnelback Program Finder
Out-of-box template built upon best practices for Higher Education
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A great student experience begins with search

Search is the engine of student experience, not just because of what it does, but what it enables. For students moving onto university, there's a lot to learn and it begins long before the first lecture. Now, more than ever, the pressure is on to provide high-quality education with a great student experience.

The guide to site search for higher education

In Higher Education, more site visitors are relying on search as their primary form of navigation, and they are using it for more than just finding the right content. Searchers convert at higher rates, spend more time looking at valuable pages, and have higher levels of engagement.

Funnelback - Program Finder

The Funnelback program finder is an out-of-the-box solution for higher education websites. Download the Product Guide to learn about the features of this powerful tool.

Why Content Silos Shouldn’t Get in the Way of a Good Student Search Experience

In digital, the term ‘silo’ is rarely positive. In order for a digital experience to work well, it needs to be seamless, fast and, most of all, accessible. If content or data is siloed, it’s quite literally isolated and inaccessible, which makes navigating and searching for content very difficult.

A new content strategy for higher ed

Gen Z has no tolerance for websites without personalization.

Funnelback for higher education

Funnelback for Higher Education, an out of the box site search solution for higher education websites.

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