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Improve Student Experience

A point and click UI, templates, smart tools and a flexible permission engine make it easy to create and approve consistent content to attract students.

The power in your hands

Flexible APIs and pre-built connectors make it easy to integrate your website with third party applications, without the costs associated with customized development.

Increase Enrollments

Headless publishing combined with intuitive channel, audience and device selection, makes it easy to publish the right content to reach the right students.

Key features

Inline editing_image
Inline editing

What you see, really is what you get (WYSIWYG). Sophisticated inline editing allows you to see exactly how the content you're editing will appear on the page once it's published. Is your copy too long? Does it work in bold? Is the spacing right? Being able to see it in the context of the front-end design, means you know there and then.

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Templated websites and forms

Prebuilt websites mean you're already on brand, so all you have to do is select your template and add content. Choose from a range of templates including Content and News through to Events and Forms. It means you can build, launch and even customize a new website for any new course or enrollment event, in minutes. Literally.

Page and Form Builder

If you don't quite have the right web page template, it’s easy to build one with the click of a mouse rather than lines of code. Page Builder lets you drag and drop prebuilt components, like image sliders and hero banners, while Form Builder makes it quick for non-technical users to build forms, by defining the data that needs to be captured, its format and where it needs to go once captured.

Permission engine

Having flexibility in the permission engine and the publishing model makes it easy to decentralize content while centralizing approvals. Granular workflows can be applied across the whole site, sections or individual pages. It makes it easy to create a regular content pipeline that's accurate and informative for students.

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Copy and paste

Being able to copy and paste directly from Microsoft Word, Google Docs or almost any document authoring tool, makes it really quick to take existing documents and make them web ready. Matrix even cleans the tags and formatting for you.

Headless publishing

Using a content API that provides full headless publishing, means content formats are automatically optimized based on the channel and device. All users have to do is set the rules, select the audience and publish. It really is that simple.

Low code integrations

A host of pre-built integrations available on the Squiz Integration Library use flexible APIs to connect to a wide range of apps like Google, Zapier, Marketo, PayPal and Slack, to name just a few. Removing the need for lines of custom code makes it quick and easy to extend the functionality of your website.

Marketplace component_image
Pre-built components

Page Builder makes it easy to add a wide range of pre-configured components like Google Maps, Instagram and Twitter feeds, video players and upcoming events. Just download them from Squiz Marketplace, upload to Matrix and use the drag and drop UI to include them on your webpage.

Some of our customers

BCIT pic two
Why not see for yourself? Speak to us about trying Matrix.

The key feature upgrades are a new user interface that makes it easier to use. Page Builder, a tool that makes it easy for marketers to build new templated web pages, and a new Inline Editor, an editing tool that enables you to see how existing content changes will look on the page as you make them.

Yes, it’s been designed to work as a hosted and SaaS product so you can choose the best deployment option for you.
We understand how important data sovereignty is, so it's hosted in the US.
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