Are B2B marketers paying lip-service to customer centricity?

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Are UK B2B marketers just paying lip-service to customer centricity?

The importance of aligning with your customers is obvious, but the problem is: not everyone is doing it very well.

Getting close to customers, listening to their needs and engaging them throughout the buying process - and beyond - is complicated in the ‘always on’, multi-channel, competitive markets today.

Squiz teamed up with B2B Marketing to find out how B2B marketers in the UK are responding to this shifting paradigm in delivering customer centricity in the digital age and the resulting report contains research analysis, key findings and customer centricity best practice advice. Some of the key findings were:

  • Only 53% of respondents are actively trying to find out what their customers want and need
  • Just 38% believed they were providing a consistent brand experience across all channels
  • 11% of respondents thought they were getting the most out of their marketing technology
  • 27% of marketing technology purchases are made strategically.
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