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6 steps to maximise customer acquisition

Customer acquisition is difficult. Forrester Research estimates today’s prospects are self-directing between 66-90% of the sale, making it even more challenging to establish a connection with a potential customer.  Having the right strategy in place is critical to achieving your business goals.

1.  Identify Your Ideal Customer

2.  Drive Traffic Through Integrated Technology

3.  Optimize Content

4.     Nurture Leads

5.     Improve Conversion Rates

  • Build a Customer Experience Platform:  CX Platforms are capable of providing dynamic experiences for customers with the integration of technologies such as Marketing Automation tools, CRM, CMS, and Advanced Search.
  • Optimise landing pages:  Landing pages are the place your prospect “lands” on your website. In addition to prospects, many repeat visitors or customers will come across your landing page.  Optimising landing pages for every stage of the sales cycle will help improve your conversion rates.
  • Employ Lead Scoring: Lead scoring enables you to determine a prospect’s level of interest in your solution (engagement) and combine it with your interest in them (demographics targeting). By combining both factors you are able to send better qualified leads to your sales team.

6. Empower your sales force

  • It is an effective lead management tool
  • It can also be used to manage opportunities
  • CRM can be used to break down silos and provide a better customer experience.
  • It enables a 360 degree view of the customer when integrated with other technology, enabling the sales team to track customer interactions, monitor channels and preferred touch points.
  • When combined with data analytics, the sales team can be prompted to make personalised, targeted offerings to customers based on a “next best offer” scenario.


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