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Digital streaming service NC+ increases online sales by 30%: Q&A with head of eCommerce

Stanisław Michalik, is the eCommerce and self-care manager at NC+ in Poland. He spoke to Squiz about how conversion rates and sales increased following the implementation of their new e-commerce website built on Squiz Matrix CMS.

What were you looking to achieve with the new eCommerce site?

Customers have become more demanding and want products and services that will meet their needs and lifestyle. We wanted the new platform to be modern, customer-friendly and also easy for us to manage.

Speed, transparency and responsiveness were crucial. Our offer is quite complicated, so we had to design the online store so the customers wouldn’t feel lost, and they could navigate the steps until reaching the thank you page. Of course, it also had to be visually appealing.

For us it was important to have a useful CMS, which we were lacking, so we could better manage content on the website and to configure offers.

However, with increasing competition in the market, our overriding goal was to grow our customer base and increase our sales.

How did you choose the solution?

On the one hand we needed something proven like Magento, but also something adaptable to our specific needs.

After a series of meetings with providers, we thought that the hybrid in the form of e-commerce system Magento and Squiz Matrix CMS best suited our needs. It combined all the advantages of open source solutions, stability and security of enterprise-class technologies, and the ease of editing and managing content by our staff.

Squiz also made a positive impression with their professionalism and approach to the project at the tender phase.

How did the management of items on the NC+ store’s website change after the implementation? From a marketing point of view, how does the process of editing, adding and creating content look right now?

It's simpler, easier and faster. The implementation of new offers doesn’t take two weeks of work by external developers as it used to, but only a few days of preparing everything in Magento and Matrix by our staff.

You have many different systems that exchange data and ‘talk to each other’. Were you concerned about this integration? How did it work in practice?

I think we overestimated our knowledge of our own systems. There were many traps and dead spots along the way, so the project stretched a bit over time. However, in the end, everything was able to work together properly. When the platform was integrated with other NC+ systems, our IT service costs reduced and our sales processing was faster.

Before starting the implementation, how did you imagine the course of this project and your team's involvement during work on it?

I thought that we would tell Squiz what we needed, and then participate in sprint reviews to check progress. I’m joking, of course, but the fact is we were very involved in all aspects of the project. It was very, very engaging and sometimes also exhausting. At night I dreamed about new releases!

Squiz supported the analytical work and user experience process and provided post-implementation support. The whole project was managed using Scrum methodology.

What did you like the most in Squiz’s approach during the implementation of the new store?

Commitment and preciseness. We really felt that Squiz was our partner. The Squiz team was a part of the project, and although we could disagree, I never doubted that the Squiz team cared about the best end result just like the NC+ team.

How have sales improved after the launch of the new platform?

The conversion rate on the new store has almost doubled. In November, which is one of the best sales months, we had an increase in sales in the e-commerce channel by over 30% year-on-year. We also improved in the up-selling of products such as additional channels, internet and voice service. The mobile channel also converts significantly better, it’s huge progress. The bounce rate dropped by over 40% and the average time spent on the site increased. The website speed also improved.

Do you have any other plans for further development of the platform?

Right now we’re testing a new layout for the website, we have planned changes for the mobile, and we’ll add new products. There is no shortage of ideas!


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