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How to Enhance Your Customers’ Digital Experience Post COVID-19 – Webinar Highlights

In the initial stages of COVID-19 lockdown measures, businesses were left scrambling to adjust to entirely new ways of working and business pressures. But, as we slowly learn live with pandemic restrictions and businesses tentatively start to resume limited operations, marketing teams may be asking themselves ‘what now?’.

When our customers – and our customers’ customers – are focused on keeping their businesses afloat, how can we ensure that our communications are relevant… or even appropriate?

We were recently joined by industry thought-leader and Group Marketing Director for TechnologyOne, Darren Needham-Walker, who provided a refreshingly honest and optimistic insight into exactly what marketers should be thinking about next. The full webinar is available to watch on-demand here; alternatively, keep reading for an abridged version of Darren’s presentation.

Cassandra Theocharous

Written by

Cassandra Theocharous
Marketing Manager
27 June 2020

EVERYTHING has changed

Darren gets straight to the heart of the matter. “In a world where there is a lot of ‘the same’ – customer experience is what allows us to stand out”. Darren’s point is that EVERYTHING has changed in recent months, for everyone – that includes our customers, how they behave and what they expect from us.

An estimated 48% of people currently working from home want to keep working from home forever, on either a full or part-time basis. Changes such as these have had a knock-on effect on how people are behaving online; such as streaming TV and movies during 9-5 hours, a significant increase in mobile use and more digital content being uploaded to the web in the last three months than in the past year.

“Not only are customers behaving different, but they now have different expectations of us and what we can deliver online, which means your digital channels and online experiences are more important than ever”, Darren remarks.

Show me the connection

With the economic impact of the pandemic making headlines daily, Darren noted that the natural reaction from CEOs is to aggressively seek out revenue. “But, in a world that’s in turmoil, how can you expect people to spend more money?”, Darren poses to viewers. “Forget customer acquisition – focus on helping the customers you already have”.

Darren’s advice is to focus on your business purpose. “Purpose isn’t your company vision or the product you sell… it’s why you exist. It’s why we get up in the mornings – let it become your company’s moral compass and provide direction in your digital journey”.

As an example, Darren shares that TechnologyOne’s purpose is to create amazing software that transforms business and keeps life simple. But knowing your purpose is one thing; delivering on it for customers is another.

How to deliver on your customer promise

At TechnologyOne, the marketing team stripped back its activities – all marketing communications stopped, except to existing customers. They called the initiative ‘Together as One’ and decided to offer customers three things that they felt could make a significant difference, during the COVID-19 crisis:

1. Give something away. “We deployed a new set of analytics dashboards specifically tailored to what we believed would be helpful information for people to see for business continuity, when working from home”, Darren revealed.

2. Share knowledge. TechnologyOne not only offered customers free training seminars, but set up industry-led ‘rooms’, where its 20,000 active community members could openly share and discuss the challenges they were facing.

3. Provide help. “We offered all our on-premise customers a year of free SaaS to help them through this time and begin the transformation process – the uptake of this offer, across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK was huge”, Darren reveals.

This led Darren to his most important piece of advice – building trust. “When we saw the success of the campaign, and how it resonated with customers, we realised that in the past we’d been missing the opportunity to connect”.

He continues, “Now is the single greatest opportunity to build trust with your customers… if you do it right”, he warns. With uncertainty comes the need for reassurance and trust, and companies that can offer customers accurate and timely information now will win in the post-COVID-19 environment.

Rules for getting CX right:

  • Infrastructure is king – “We’ve all heard the phrase ‘content is king’”, explains Darren, “but if you can’t get the right content to the right person at the right time, it won’t make a connection with them”. Darren recommends partnering with a digital partner (like Squiz), making content easily discoverable and relevant. Then also using AI to serve up personalised content at scale.
  • Reset for now – Accept that the world has changed and focus on creating better customer experiences now. Don’t panic and be too aggressive with your marketing. “Business models are changing, people are losing jobs, uncertainty is everywhere, so anything that isn’t authentic won’t be well received at this time”, Darren warns.
  • Make digital more human – Humans like connection and, at a time where opportunities for connection are limited, customers will appreciate it more than ever.
  • Build trust in your brand – “If you do all of the above, you’ll build trust”, Darren promises viewers.

For Darren’s full presentation, check out the on-demand webinar here. Alternatively, for more information on how to enhance your digital experience, read our recent blog post Accelerating Your Digital Transformation Beyond COVID-19 or visit

Cassandra Theocharous

Written by

Cassandra Theocharous
Marketing Manager
27 June 2020

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