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Our response to the Australian bushfire disaster

Squiz is devastated by the recent bushfires affecting Australia which are still burning in several states.

Many of our customers, especially those across fire services and state government departments, continue to play a key role in the front line response to the disaster. Local councils we work with have also been directly impacted as fires burn through their communities.

The donations and support from across the world have been outstanding, and at Squiz, we believe we can provide value by donating our digital expertise.

With global operations headquartered in Australia, this disaster is personal for Squiz. To show our support, we are pledging up to $250,000 of product and services across our customers that have been directly involved or impacted by the bushfires. Our global team, including developers, engineers, designers and consultants, are already working on response projects and are committed to making a long-term and meaningful impact.

This will enable us to support our customers in delivering the best digital service possible to their communities in a time of crisis. It also means that any Government funding and donations received can be used to directly support victims and wildlife rehabilitation.

We are conscious that right now these organisations are dealing with the immediate response and the aftermath will be ongoing. The power of digital is extraordinary, and we hope the support provided can result in strategic solutions to better support communities now and in the future.

If your organisation has been affected by the bushfires and you would like to talk to Squiz about how we may be able to assist you, or you would like to know more about the initiatives underway, please reach out to us directly at

JP Syriatowicz, CEO & Founder, Squiz

Stephen Barker, Director & Founder, Squiz

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