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Squiz Introduces Agile Squads

We’ve recently made changes to improve the way you work with your Squiz delivery team.

Your account will be serviced by an agile delivery team consisting of product and solution specialists who are best placed to serve your organization’s implementation. These teams are called squads.

Creating squads is all about delivering improved value to you, our customer.

Each squad is a cross-functional team of approximately 10 people who are dedicated to looking after your organization. The squad is responsible for delivering projects and providing support and has a strong focus on your business outcomes.

The introduction of the squads will take a little time to bed down, but you should see improved outcomes over the coming months.


Written by

7 July 2020

How it works

  • Submit your support ticket or service request the same way you normally do via the MySquiz portal.
  • Your request is then triaged and assigned to your home squad queue.
  • The squad then assigns that work into an upcoming production cycle and advises you of the timeline.
  • The work gets completed by the squad.

What does it mean for you?

  • Improved ownership, quality and delivery of projects
  • Consistent experience when you engage with Squiz
  • Faster response time to service your project needs
  • Stronger relationships between you and Squiz
  • Better understanding of your needs and excelling in delivering value

For further information on squads, please reach out to your Account Manager or log a request in MySquiz.

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