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Squiz Matrix: the content-management system (CMS) that does more, integrates like a pro and grows with you

Ever tried to tweak your HTML code in an attempt to make simple changes in your content-management system (CMS)?

Things can go wrong very quickly. So how do the experts make it look so easy? Let’s look at the state of play.

Business changes rapidly, so your ability to easily change your content is critical. And you can’t risk accidentally taking down your entire CMS – it’s the lifeblood of your business.

Given the wealth of platforms on today’s market, it’s worth asking yourself this: Does my CMS just tick boxes or does it punch above its weight?

A good CMS makes it easy to create compelling content and integrate with social media as well as third-party platforms. Of course, it should also be scalable.

Squiz developed Squiz Matrix with all of this in mind, ensuring that its flagship web-technology platform addresses the limitations of the traditional CMS. User friendly and easy to personalise, Matrix is an agile solution to your company’s evolving needs.

Safe and easy content editing

Squiz Matrix product manager, Bart Banda believes that, when discussing the capabilities of Matrix, you can’t go past the platform’s what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor. The tool simplifies everything from inserting hyperlinks and creating tables to embedding images and YouTube clips.

“Squiz developed this editor from the ground up to focus on accessibility,” says Bart. “It ensures that all the content you produce is highly accessible, up to a triple-A standard. Matrix also includes a search-and-replace tool, lets you import and automatically clean up text from Microsoft Word, and incorporates a streamlined approval process.”

Bart adds, “Its content-editing capability is truly one of a kind – and the best on the market.”

Anyone who’s torn their hair out while trying to make simple content changes by tweaking HTML is bound to agree.

Painless third-party integration

A good CMS makes light work of content editing, but that’s not enough. Your system should also integrate seamlessly with a suite of third-party products, including social-media platforms, customer-relationship-management software, marketing apps and your intranet.

Bart says that Matrix’s strengths in these areas enable many Squiz clients to use the platform as an integration engine.

“This product has been around for a very long time, so it has a huge library of functionality,” he explains. “It’s strong in the content-management space, and it also excels in the integration space.

“You can not only send data easily from Matrix, but also retrieve it from multiple repositories and touchpoints to present it in a unified way.”

A flexible system that grows with your business

Growth and change are inherent in business. To be successful, you need to pivot when your customer does and quickly roll out new technology as your industry shifts.

That’s why a flexible, scalable, agile and yet simple CMS is the Holy Grail.

“Most CMSes aren’t guaranteed to be upgrade safe,” Bart explains. “If you upgrade to version 8 of Drupal, but all your plug-ins are for version 7, you’re likely to have compatibility issues. With Matrix, we ensure that all the features, modules and integration connectors are warranted and upgrade safe. The system also has incredible flexibility, which is one of its core features.”

But what if you lack a web developer’s skills and need to effectively action urgent change?

Bart says that Matrix lets you use the existing modules and configuration components to tweak its functionality – all without having to write a single line of code.

“You don’t have to write or know any PHP or back-end code; you just make changes through the interface,” he explains. “You basically do it all using point-and-click tools; it’s very user friendly.”

One of Matrix’s main strengths is its ability to reconcile the changing needs of a client’s business with baseline support from Squiz’s team of dedicated experts.

“We do a lot of feature development in which the client comes up with a requirement and funds it,” he says. “We then bring that [feature] into the product as a core, warranted, out-of-the-box function so that every other user can take advantage of it.”

A robust CMS platform that works with you

The future is unpredictable. Your competition, your customers’ needs and the financial landscape can change at any given moment. What you can control, however, is how well prepared you are.

Build your CMS on a robust platform and you’ll be ready to respond to almost anything. Add a simple, easy-to-use content-editing system and your staff will be happy to maintain every word of web content without complaint.

Take the time to cast a critical eye over your CMS today, and then ask the tough questions: Does it enable simple, streamlined content editing? Does it integrate with all the systems my business needs? Will it cope with growth, expansion and mergers?

Learn more about Squiz Matrix.

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