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Creating a connected campus: How to tackle student retention and bridge the experience gap

On-campus and online, studies have found the level of connection a student has with peers and faculty members can directly impact the likelihood of them completing their studies.

With economic and health concerns at an all-time high, almost every aspect of how, why and what students choose to study has changed.

A staggering 25% of students in higher education will drop out before graduation. 

The good news? We’ve collected insights from students, higher ed leaders, and researchers to help you combat the trend of a declining student population.

Download the eBook, “Creating a Connected Campus”, to discover:

  • Why connection, support, and belonging is crucial to retention.
  • How to improve student engagement and create a digitally connected campus.
  • Tools and strategies to help you reimagine the student experience at every touchpoint of their journey.

Download this eBook to start beating declining retention rates and reimagining your student experience.

Download the eBook

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