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Essential guide to site search for marketers

Improve CX and encourage channel shift to digital with search

The true value of site search is becoming ever more apparent to Marketing and IT leaders as more website visitors are using it as the primary way to navigate a site.

As Forrester Research notes*, “users who are performing a site search are more likely to convert, generate more revenue, and return again.”

For marketing, digital and communications professionals under increasing pressure to achieve greater engagement and conversions, investment in search can pay for itself quickly.

Download ‘The essential guide to site search’ to discover the three areas critical to implementing successful site search:

  • Surfacing content: unite digital content across silos into a single user experience
  • Key insights and analytics: identify opportunities to serve the right content at the right time
  • Personalised experiences: take search to the next level with personalised search experiences for your users across your digital assets


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