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Global analyst Ovum identify Squiz as a ‘Leader’ in the Ovum Decision Matrix for WEM Solutions 2018-19.

The way that users access and consume content online is constantly changing, with more channels including wearables, chatbots, virtual reality and augmented reality, available than ever before. Organisation’s need to keep up with this evolution in user behaviour by implementing web experience management (WEM) platforms that support these new digital channels.

WEM solutions allow organisations to provide their customers with highly relevant, engaging and personalised content through the channel of their choice, and provide greater flexibility to organisations to take a best practice approach to WEM.

Ovum has again named Squiz as a 'Leader' in their latest report, the Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Web Experience Management Solution, 2018-19. The Ovum report provides a comparative analysis of global WEM platforms, helping organisations to select a solution that best meets their requirements.

“[Squiz’s] portfolio provides the features required to help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation processes and reach their desired outcomes more quickly.” Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Web Experience Management Solution, 2018-19

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