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Are you leveraging the opportunity of site search?

Thursday, 17 June 2021
2:30 PM GMT / 9:30 AM EST
Live webinar

With 88% of consumers unlikely to return to a site after a poor experience, the ability to serve visitors with fast, accurate, and relevant search results can make or break their experience.

We take an in-depth look at Site Search as an untapped resource to engage and delight all visitors while driving conversions of prospective students.

This is part one of our webinar series on Site Search. Part two will explore how effective search can increase the return on investment from every customer interaction.

Join our live webinar to hear from Will Noble, Head of Sales US, Squiz who will cover:

  • Gain insights into what makes a good site search, and how you can measure it.
  • How to use personas to predict visitor intent, and increase search precision.
  • How to utilize search design schemas, in conjunction with Funnelback’s Curator, to improve findability, aid user satisfaction, and increase conversions.

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