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Whether your site is focused on brand recognition, servicing customers, selling products, or conversation, an effective site search strategy is vital in driving conversions and increasing the return on investment from each customer interaction.

Good user experience can increase business-critical KPIs by up to 83%, and the converse, poor user experience has a similar negative impact. In fact, 55% of users will abandon a website if they can’t find information quickly.

Join Greg Costin, Funnelback site search expert, for our webinar on Boost ROI with Site Search: Marketers Guide, Thursday, 27 February 2020 at 2 PM AEDT.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why customers are 2x more likely to purchase if they successfully use a site search engine
  • How to optimise traffic with 50% of all visits heading straight for the search bar when they visit your website
  • How to better understand what your site visitors are looking for
  • How to increase User Engagement by 83% with an effective site search experience
  • Increase ROI on inbound sales leads through effective site search

PS. Can’t attend? Register anyway and we’ll send you the webinar on-demand!

Speaker Bio

Greg Costin
Funnelback Site Search Specialist

Greg is Funnelback’s global search solution specialist with over 7 years of designing site search experiences.  Greg understands the impact this technology can have on customer experience and key marketing objectives. At Funnelback, he helps new clients get the most out of their platform by working with them to make their content more discoverable and valuable.

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