Squiz Matrix Integration

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Integration is one of the most important capabilities in a CMS (if we do say so ourselves). So it's important that you choose a platform that can integrate with all your systems from A to Z. Luckily, Squiz Matrix is a bit of a powerhouse when it comes to playing nice with others

With a long list of modules available out-of-the-box in Squiz Matrix, and with Funnelback’s powerful enterprise search capabilities, creating dynamic portals and content-rich websites can be done without the need for content duplication.

No matter if it’s complex data going to and from a secure database or it’s as simple as a big old spreadsheet on your corporate network, we can integrate with pretty much any system under the sun.

This booklet outlines just a sample of some of the integration tools at your disposal when you choose the Squiz Matrix for your online platform.

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