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This survey report examines B2B marketers' views on their organisations’ strategies and attempts at being customer-centric.

The ability to be customer-centric and deliver what the customer wants, when they want it, is now the route to success.

The issue is that nearly every department across an organisation has contact or a view as to what the customer wants, and being able to coordinate and deliver fulfilling, consistent experiences across every touch-point is daunting. What’s needed is a customer champion - someone with the authority to own and deliver on every aspect of the customer journey: someone like you?

We have again teamed up with B2B Marketing to discover how marketers' views on customer-centricity have been shifting, and the report contains our findings, research analysis and some advice on how marketers can step-up and be the customer champion.

Inside this free download, we investigate:

  • Whether marketers understand the importance of customer-centricity - and if they are supported in this by senior management.
  • Whether marketing thinks it owns the customer journey - and whether the rest of the business feels the same.
  • What levels of confidence marketers have when using technology for achieving customer centricity, and whether they have the ability to influence what tech decisions are made.
  • Whether marketers are the voice of the customer in their organisation and, if not, what steps they need to take to become so.

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