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DXP Datastore is now live

DXP Datastore (Datastore) is now live. We are looking for trailblazers with innovative projects to join our early adopter program.

What is Datastore?

Datastore provides a cloud based dynamic data storage service that can be plugged into any Squiz Matrix website.

Datastore allows you to gather, store and retrieve information about how end users are interacting with your website or app. You can then adapt content in real time to personalise their experience. Datastore also allows you to collect interaction insights to build a richer user profile over time and optimise your customer journey.

Why would you use it?

For marketing/communications

Deliver a “sticky” digital experience through more personalised content.

Gather user interaction data across all your digital touch points to deliver a seamless, personalised experience across the customer journey. Use the datastore to;

  • Customise content, layout, and styles of pages based on user settings and preferences.
  • Allow citizens, students and customers to instantly pick up from where they left off in a multi-step form or application process.
  • Present recommendations to customers based on behaviour and location such as University courses a student might be interested in.
  • Track progress in a task-based workflow, for example which learning portal modules have been completed.
  • Build reports on what customers are doing with your application, as they are using it.
  • Deliver more transactional digital solutions and micro services that rely on data such as calculators, commenting and ratings.

For developers

Reduce the overall effort, cost, and legacy debt normally associated with delivering and maintaining complex client-side JavaScript apps.

Datastore helps developers focus on the frontend experience by automating backend aspects that are normally handcrafted such as server-side coding, API building, database management, and infrastructure. Datastore rolls those hassles into a single snippet of JavaScript that can be copy/pasted into any web page.

When developers build their own data storage service with Datastore, they use two main API standards: OpenAPI v3 and JSON Schema. These industry-leading standards help Datastore to normalise the underlying implementation of an app and also helps Datastore form a rock solid foundation for developers to create reusable blueprints (i.e. specifications) of their work and share it.

How to get started?

To be involved with early access, Squiz ANZ customers can contact their Squiz Account Manager to assess the needs and fit of Datastore as a solution.

Review the Datastore documentation for more information about what Datastore can do, how it works, and features.

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