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Squiz Workplace v3.5 - Product announcement

Improve collaboration with Private Communities in Squiz Workplace 3.5

What’s changing

Teams will have more control over their workplace communities as they can now;

  • Create a new private group and manage the members that are involved
  • Plan and discuss work in that forum, create discussion threads as well as share documents exclusively with the private team
  • Add new and manage existing members
  • Unfollow, leave or archive the community

Communities can be built around a particular project, a department or team of people, or any other working or interest group.

Why you’d use it

When you are working on projects that have a lot of moving parts or include people from different departments it can be hard to stay aligned. Squiz Workplace 3.5 enables your teams to set up their own working groups (public or private) and collaborate online.

Squiz Workplace with Private Communities fosters a culture of collaborative engagement and communication across your organisation and is a user friendly way to keep staff aligned.

How to get started

Contact your account manager or message the Squiz Workplace team.

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