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Best Practices for Search UX

Summit 2020 On-demand


  • Amy Cole M. A.

    Amy Cole M. A.
    Digital Media Program Director - University of Arkansas

In this deep dive into Search UX, Natalie Grech interviews Amy Cole from University of Arkansas to reveal what she’s learned from upgrading the old GSA to Funnelback’s search solution.

In this exclusive interview, you’ll hear:

  • Why UA upgraded from GSA and how site search has become an indispensable asset on the site. (1:50)
  • Why metadata matters and how Amy has lead the organization in making sure content is searchable. (6:00)
  • Why Funnelback’s solution for a separate intranet site was key (9:00)
  • Feedback and reception from the staff (13:30)
  • The most useful features and analytics for Amy and her team (16:00)

Summit 2020 On-demand

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