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9 Golden Rules of Successful Site Search for Higher Education

A student's experience of a university doesn't begin on campus, it begins online. For around half of your students, the search will be the engine of that experience.

Higher Education institutions often misunderstand and underutilize website search. As a result, their search projects underdeliver, and they leave money on the table.

Having an effective search can support student enrollment and retention, and deliver an enormous ROI. You might be surprised to learn it’s also an effective and low-effort way to deliver website personalization.

In this on-demand session, Davila Thompson, Sales Engineer, Squiz, will cover:

  • Consider search as a primary form of navigation.
  • Use personas to predict visitor intent, and increase search precision.
  • Discover and use the leading indicators of site search performance.
  • Personalize the search experience.

Examine your site search solution with our website search checklist, download here.

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