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Personalising the Student Experience - why you want it and how to do it

Few organizations personalize their search results…but they should, because done well, site users love personalization. Personalization can lift revenues by 5 to15% according to Mckinsey.

So why does Gartner say that 80% of marketers are planning on ripping out personalization? Because personalization is hard, and they haven’t seen any ROI.

But it doesn’t need to be like this - personalizing search results is, in our experience, a safe and inexpensive place to start your personalization journey. Best of all, search users are often your highest value website users, so they’re a lucrative place to start.

In this on-demand session, Davila Thompson, Sales Engineer, Squiz, will cover:

  • How to use transform your search to provide a better student experience.
  • Four ways to personalize your site search.
  • Five steps to take before any personalization project.

Examine your site search solution with our website search checklist, download here.

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