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Accessibility Myth Busting - Tackling Four Common Misconceptions

A Nucleus Research study has found that companies without accessible sites are losing $6.9 billion a year to competitors whose sites are accessible.

But if you’re still thinking…“Accessibility doesn’t apply to us”, “It’s too expensive to create an accessible website”, “We don’t have the right expertise to do it”, “Accessibility ruins UX”

We’re here to challenge you, by busting these four common accessibility myths!

Watch out for the full discussion between our Global Head of Creative & Consulting, Peter Krieg, and E-Accessbility Consultant, Neil Jarvis, as they tackle the misconceptions that are holding so many organisations back and how to get started with accessibility.

They will cover:

  • Four common accessibility myths.
  • How to get started with accessbility.
  • How to make meaningful progress.
  • The advanced measures you can take.


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