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Improving digital services to drive better citizen experiences

The pandemic has significantly ramped up the need for government entities at all levels to provide more information and services online, accelerating their digital transformation timelines. At the same time, it’s altered citizen needs, expectations and priorities, making digital services the key positive citizen experiences.

More than ever, government marketing, communications and digital teams are under pressure to move faster, be more responsive, increase support, and cope with budgets and resources being pulled in many directions.

In this session, you'll hear from Jennifer Arnold, Cheif Commercial Officer, which will cover:

  • How citizen needs, expectations and priorities have changed since the start of the year
  • Why it’s important to balance delivering digital services and digital experiences
  • How to know what you can put online and how digital tools can improve offline service delivery; and
  • What marcomms and digital teams are prioritising and leveraging to deliver better services and experiences and do more with less.
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