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Learn how the DOCA and Squiz co-developed Intranet Platform facilitates social knowledge sharing, open news/content, and special interest communities across the organisation.

The Department of Communications and Arts (DOCA) is a government leader in the effective use of cutting edge ICT. Responsible for enhancing the nation’s digital productivity, it advises Government on the innovative adoption of digital technologies.

DOCA and Squiz have co-developed an Intranet Platform to increase the digital literacy of staff and facilitate a culture of sharing and collaboration, by introducing social knowledge sharing, open news/content, and special interest communities. APSC Capability Reviews have recognised this new Intranet platform as an exemplar for government agencies wishing to increase internal collaboration.

Even more exciting is what comes next. Together, DOCA and Squiz are sharing the code with others, creating a crossagency platform that delivers cost-effective internal transformation of government through an offer of code re-use and continual product improvement. Geoscience Australia has now adopted this innovative platform, and a number of other agencies are in the early stages of procurement.

Hosting this webinar from the Austrlalian Federal Department of Communications & The Arts was Kim Ulrick, Assistant Secretary – Digital Communications and Joshua Grech, Digital Strategist – Creative Services as well as Squiz's own Alex Buchanan, Director for Digital Government

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