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Rethinking the council website at Wollongong City Council

Council websites have priorities that are hard to reconcile. For example, to be service-oriented (“show me what I want to do now” ) and to be open and consultative (“show me everything”).

In trying to deliver on all these priorities, council websites in Australia and New Zealand have converged on a familiar set of conventional patterns.

The Wollongong City Council website is one that has broken out of this mould, with user-selected audience segmentation intended to provide a better user experience.

In this Squiz meetup for councils, you’ll hear from Jason Turnbull, ICT Solutions Analyst & Developer at Wollongong City Council, one of the architects of Wollongong’s website redesign, covering:

  • What Wollongong City Council’s business drivers were, how they explored community and resident needs of the council web presence
  • Why the project team introduced audience segmentation
  • What goals they set and what success would look like
  • What the results have been, a year down the track.
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