Some of the world’s leading financial services companies trust Squiz to help them deliver smarter, more effective services

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                                            Northern Inland Credit Union
Bendigo Bank

Squiz financial services solutions enable you to acquire, engage and retain the most profitable customer relationships

Give Customers the Best Product Options
Service Transformation
Create and Deliver Smarter Digital Services
Produce More Personalised Product Experiences
Deliver Better Ongoing Support and Advice

The financial services market is complex and hard to navigate. Organizations need to attract and retain their customers in more engaging ways.

Companies need to simplify the way they interact with customers. The web is now a service channel that must bring together different systems, content and staff to deliver more compelling experiences across every touchpoint.

Squiz technology extends the value of financial services assets to deliver new types of automated content interactions and innovative new user experiences.

Our financial services suite delivers digital- and mobile-first acquisition, on-boarding, and ongoing engagement via a set of integrated solutions like ChatBots, Personalization, mobile apps, Portals and Discovery Engines.

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