Some of the world’s largest, most complex government bodies trust Squiz to deliver a citizen-centric, digital-first service environment

Squiz’s Citizen Portal solutions enable you to break down organisational silos, create channel shift and quickly deliver a cost effective self-service environment

I Need Access
Connect People Quickly to the Services They Really Need
I Want Self-Servive
Let Them do the Tasks They'd Rather do Themselves
I Want Resolutions
Solve Service and Support Interactions Fast
I Want it Personalised
Give Everyone a View of Their Own World

National, regional and local governments across the world are implementing digital transformation strategies to make their services more accessible and citizen-centric.

This shift is responsive to citizen needs. It gives people access to a greater number of services without the need for a call or visit - which in turn helps government agencies to reduce support costs and reinvest in more strategic areas.

Squiz solutions enable government agencies to overcome the complexity of their IT systems and processes - creating a more seamless, personalised citizen experience that delivers information and support when and where it’s needed.

The Squiz Citizen Portal is an out-of-the box solution that integrates with existing systems to enable better sharing of information, the breaking down of department silos, and the enablement of channel-shift via citizen self-service.

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