Some of the world’s largest energy and utility companies trust Squiz to accelerate their digital transformation

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Squiz utilities solutions enable you to get the best out of your customer relationships and drive more effective teamwork

Give Customers the Best Product Options
Service Transformation
Deliver Smarter Services - in the Field and in-Home
Deliver More Internet Connected Energy Services
Give Customers Proactive, Automated Ongoing Support

The market has changed due to increased competition, coupled with a savvier customer base that’s ready and willing to switch suppliers more regularly.

New market entrants are also positioning themselves between traditional providers and the marketplace - owning the customer relationship and their most valuable data.

Utilities companies should adapt by changing their traditional supply-driven model to a more pro-active, data-driven one - using web interactions and smart home devices to deliver a range of new services.

Squiz helps executive teams to exploit these opportunities in two key areas: customer engagement and staff enablement - via a combination of web services, portals, marketing automation and new digital workplaces.

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