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Build, optimise and scale customer experiences

Today’s customer expects personal attention and service, delivered instantly through the digital channels they choose. Their demands are the same no matter how complex your business or tech might be. Squiz Digital Experience Platform makes it easy for you to connect with customers through engaging, multichannel digital experiences.

  • Deliver websites, portals, digital apps and more that integrate with your backend systems to deliver a seamless customer experience
  • Personalise content across the entire customer journey based on user context and key behaviours
  • Track performance and improve content quality with analytics and auditing tools
  • Leverage machine learning and advanced algorithms, to surface the most relevant information, when your customer needs it

Customer journey


Identify and attract the right customers

  • Interactive & responsive websites
  • Powerful search engine
  • Analytics to optimise content
  • Targeted communications


Deliver a superior customer experience

  • Personalised customer portal
  • Self-service support
  • Manage account
  • E-forms & payments
  • Book appointments
  • Submit & track requests
  • Real-time alerts & notifications


Nurture loyal and profitable customers

  • Personalised communication
  • Targeted offers & services
  • Build social communities
  • Online feedback tools




Media & Publishing

Squiz Digital Experience Platform
Move your organisation forward, faster, with scalable and robust enterprise technology. Built to power seamless customer experiences, while driving agility, innovation and efficiency across your organisation.


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