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Citizens expect seamless, modern, digital services on demand.

Rising demand for better public services is challenging governments around the world to transform.

Delivering seamless, personalised digital services, while balancing privacy, security and value, requires smart solutions that unlock value from within your organisation.

Our digital solutions for government empower you to build stronger, longer-lasting community relationships, through personalised, timely interactions and streamlined digital interfaces. All while reducing operational complexity, inefficiency and cost.


Explore how we can help you deliver simpler, smarter digital services for the benefit of your citizens.

Get ready to meet the Australian Government Design System
The Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has created the Design System to help government agencies easily build Government products and services and we are here to help.
Squiz Digital Experience Platform
Move your organisation forward, faster, with secure, flexible and robust enterprise technology. Built to power seamless citizen experiences, while driving agility, innovation and efficiency across your organisation.

Our government clients

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Our government clients

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See how we’re transforming government

Government news

Squiz news
6 tips to maximise service adoption

Adopting a digital strategy that enables individuals to find, and/or be proactively presented with the information they need, will increase service adoption rates and result in a more positive, intentional experience for both citizens and employees and ultimately drive tangible economic benefit for the community.

Squiz news
What we can learn about innovation from the public sector

Having worked with a number of government agencies and bodies, it’s clear that many areas of the public sector are at the forefront of digital service delivery. This is a far cry from the slow and inefficient stories we often hear - in fact, they're perfectly poised to innovate and push successful digital-first initiatives.

Squiz news
There's no such thing as a bad user

Labeling users who use your site ‘incorrectly’ as ‘bad users’ fosters a culture that facilitates design and technology choices that put your internal bias and process at the centre - which is the ultimate UX sin for which your organisation will inevitably pay the price.

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