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Boost sales and satisfaction with smooth onboarding and claims experiences

Meet demand for a seamless insurance experience with tools that reduce your cost to serve, drive online sales and increase customer satisfaction.


Our insurance solutions enable you to:

  • Keep up with the demand for growth and avoid disruption in a competitive market.
  • Deliver a new customer experience for the connected insurance customer.
  • Reduce your operating costs through business process automation.
Squiz Digital Experience Platform
Move your organisation forward, faster, with scalable and robust enterprise technology. Built to power seamless customer experiences, while driving agility, innovation and efficiency across your organisation.

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5 questions to ask before launching a customer portal

The automation of services is revolutionising the way organisations interact with, and serve, their customers. Automating routine interactions and shifting them online has clear benefits for companies and their customers, but getting these digital projects right takes planning.

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How to truly put your customer at the centre of your business

Everyone talks about being customer-centric, but few are actually doing it. To achieve true customer-centricity, your organisation must both enact cultural change and master empathy – not just collect data.

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6 steps to maximise customer acquisition

Forrester Research estimates today’s prospects are self-directing between 66-90% of the sale, making it even more challenging to establish a connection with a potential customer.  Having the right strategy in place is critical to achieving your business goals.

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