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Building your DXP ecosystem
14th Nov, 1.55 - 2.45 PM

Ben Pottier

Ben will take you on a journey through the technology stack underpinning the DXP Search capabilities. Exploring the various components, Ben will provide an in-depth technical overview of what makes the platform tick. This includes mainstay components which may be familiar to veteran users, as well as recent components such as the Knowledge Graph. Whilst technical in nature, the talk should be accessible and educational to both those new to the product and those well-versed.

Josh Somma

Capturing your audience’s attention has never been more difficult. Personalising your messages and user interactions can help you cut through the noise and deliver a better experience. But how do you achieve this dream amid competing stakeholder priorities and disconnected content silos? Josh will talk through the three key phases of personalisation delivery - 1. Planning - your process and technology 2. Engagement - website and outbound communication 3. Measurement - defining success. Understand the planning required and the tools you can leverage to deliver a personalised experience to better connect with and understand your end users.

Ciaran Brereton & Josh Somma

This workshop is a walkthrough of how the consulting team at Squiz use user research, testing and analytics to create brilliant design solutions. We will take you through an example project and together we will go through an interactive information architecture workshop and we’ll set up a framework for measuring success with our analytics expert Ciaran Brereton.

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