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Videos from the day

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    JP Syriatowicz

    CEO - Squiz
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    DXP Highlights & Roadmap

    Matt Adney, Bart Banda, Brett Matson - Squiz

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    The rise of self service: Creating a digital self service hub at the heart of UK Government

    Jake White, Veronica Stone-Montgomery

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    Do we really need an app for that? Creating lifesaving digital experiences outside of the app store

    Sam Marks, Martin Maeso, Violeta Argerich

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    Increasing user 'findability' using Funnelback

    Nicholas Cleverley, Ian St John

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    It’s all about engagement: Thriving and maintaining relevance in today’s marketplace

    Jeremy Cox

    Principal Analyst Customer Engagement Practice - Ovum
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    Is it social media that is broken, or is it us?

    Euan Semple

    Guest Speaker

Check out the breakout sessions from our Sydney Summit

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    Defining your Digital Experience Platform

    Anthony Nigro

    General Manager, Vic & Tas - Squiz
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    Leveraging a connected ecosystem to deliver the ultimate customer experience

    Carrie Han

    Integrations Program Manager - Squiz
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    How to build multi-channel digital services with Squiz DXP

    Chris Grist

    Head of Solution Architecture - Squiz
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    Humanising your digital experience: the strategy to succeed

    Scott-Bradley Pearce

    Head of Customer Success
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    Personalising content to improve your users' experience

    Grace Woodrow Kraus

    Head of Corporate Marketing - Squiz
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    How to build personalised experiences using the Squiz DXP

    Phil Shakhovskoy

    Head of Development, ANZ - Squiz
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